PLAs provide owners and municipalities dependable budget planning and cost structure for each phase of a project. PLA projects have consistently proved to be cost neutral while providing the additional benefits of local hiring and skilled labor.

A study conducted at Cornell University in 2011 concluded that, “PLAs can achieve cost savings by standardizing terms of the various crafts’ agreements in the area, including work hours, paid holidays and overtime.” Click here to read more from the study “Community Workforce Provisions in Project Labor Agreements: A Tool for Building Middle-Class Careers.”

Similar results were found in 2011 by a study called the “San Diego Unified School District Project Stabilization Agreement: A review of Construction Contractor and Labor Considerations”. This study said that, “there has been no increase in cost of the winning bids for school construction costs” under PLA type projects.
Click here to read the following Michigan State University and the University of Tennessee study called “The Effects of Project Labor Agreements on the Cost of School Construction in New England”. The quick summary: no evidence was found that project labor agreement raise construction costs.